Friday, October 24, 2008

Government Funded Healthcare is a One Way Ticket to the Breadlines!

I don't understand why conservatives shit their slacks at the slightest mention of government funded healthcare. The evil republican overlords don't even have to say the word 'communism' any more. The conservative base is so ignorant that they can get by with 'socialism'. In fact the word socialism has such a stigma attached to it that liberals dare not utter it even when it is appropriately descriptive. So here are a couple of nuggets of wisdom you asshats need to stir into those little tubs of rancid pudding you call brains.

There are many types of socialism!

For our purposes I will only distinguish between two of them.


BOO! haha, scary fucking word isn't it? Hope you brought clean underwear!

Now communism in theory and communism in practice are not the same thing. In theory, communism is not a totalitarian dictatorship run by a single ruling party, in reality, well it sort of is. Existing so called 'communist' nations have certainly set a bad example with regard to human rights and civil liberties. I can totally understand why the thought of it leaves a bad taste in your mouth despite all the kick ass facial hair.

Well don't worry! I am not a communist! Barack Obama is not a communist! Nobody is trying to make you a communist! So why don't you just chill the fuck out while I introduce you to something we like to call...

Democratic Socialism!:

BOO! haha, gotcha again. You are terrified of that word too because you are ignorant!

Social democrats support the nationalization of specific programs, like healthcare, combined with tax-funded welfare programs. This does not mean we have to give up capitalism or free markets or getting our toilet paper and vodka in the same line!

Hey here's a newsflash. We already use it! What the fuck do you think medicaid is? All anyone is really suggesting is expanding that coverage and offering it to more people. It's a GOOD idea. Lot's of freedom loving allied countries do it. You can't be that fucking frightened, I don't see any gun toting civilian rednecks patrolling the Canadian border.

So the next time you hear some conservative fear monger tell you that some liberal or another supports socialism don't run and hide under the bed! Recognize political rhetoric for what it is and stop embarrassing yourselves please!

Oh, and hey liberals! Stop being such fucking pussies about it! You don't have to defend against accusations of socialism! You don't have to avoid using that word! If you support something that is socialist in nature just fucking say so. If people call you a communist, call them ignorant.

Better yet, call them an asshat!

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