Sunday, December 14, 2008

Ladies and Gentlemen... my hero

Now, I'm not sure what to laugh at first. The reassurance that Bush was not injured by a fucking shoe. Or the Arab specific explanation of why throwing a shoe is an insult. Am I alone in the shoe throwing habit? It has nothing to do with the "sole." And I'm not Arab. It has to do with frustration and impotence. I don't throw the shoe at the TV to insult the TV. I throw it out of sheer frustration. So good for this crazy guy for showing George W. Bush a mere ounce of the disrespect he deserves. Bush is an asshat. And there is nothing we can do about it. Thank you, my fellow shoe thrower, for expressing the frustration of an impotent world.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Me, God, and Santa Claus: the proabortion trinity

I'm tired of hearing how everyone on both sides of the issue can agree that lowering the number of abortions in this country is a good thing.

I don't agree.

I want more abortions in this country and I have God and Santa Claus on my side.

God wants to stop the insanity because the pearly gates are just not equipped to deal with all this judging and St. Peter quit somewhere in the late 18th century.

Imagine, here you are the all powerful being of the entire universe and you give that one planet a few souls and advise them to multiply.

The all powerful sets up heaven to deal with a billion or so folks, and wham, people do what people do. They fuck. They fuck a lot.

So then after a few thousand years he has to have a flood to kill everyone but that Noah guy, or Gilgamesh, or whoever you think saved humanity from the big flood and we start over.
God gives us a little more social convention and gay sex to calm things down a bit, but after the glut in the flood he's got to have 15 or 20 billion souls in heaven. At 21 grams per soul that's over 800 million pounds of soul he's got to deal with for eternity.
He then gets a little stricter on who he is going to let in, and puts his kids buddy Peter in charge of deciding who gets into heaven and who heads south. The all knowing must have been fucked up that day because he clearly forgot about drugs and rock and roll. Nothing goes better with drugs and rock and roll except for fucking. And ever since this unholy trinity has gotten together we have been making babies like it's a contest.
St. Peter quit when God told him to start letting evangelicals in somewhere in the 18th century. God loves them because they are anti fucking (but pro methed-out gay fucking which wasn't as popular then), but Peter knew they were just assholes trying to make a buck.
So, for the past few hundred years God has been dealing with the comings and goings of Heaven without a good manager, and it is beginning to take its toll. Seeing as there have been over a 100 trillion people on earth since the beginning of time, and he's had to start letting gays and black people in over the past few years, he's probably looking at 25 or 30 trillion in heaven proper.
That now puts him at what?
Must be like, 1.2 trillion pounds of soul floating around in heaven. That's a lot to deal with.
He's already shown that when the going gets tough, the tough send a species to extinction. None of us want that.
Solution, abort the little bastards before they get here or we all need to learn how to tread water for a damn long time. If you can't get behind baby killing, at least quit bugging him with prayers about your silly fucking existence, after all he does have a five billion or so other cock suckers to deal with. (I of course omitted the Chinese and the French from that number, as being from either country is a sure ticket on the train to hell.)
Santa is just tired of the little fuckers asking for video games, and Disney shit. He's at his wits end.
So please, don't worry about saving the ozone layer, or cleaning up the rivers, it's all bullshit. What we really need to do is put less ass in the seat of time. Since people, even morons, are going to fuck whether we like it or not, Value Meal number 69 at McDonald's should come with a drive through D&C.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Reminder: T Boone Pickens is a Colossal Asshat

If you don't know who I'm talking about it's about time you started reading a little more news and watching a little less TMZ. T Boone Pickens is an old school Texas oil billionaire turned born again alternative energy guru. He's out to save us from our dependence on foreign oil by making a few billion more dollars from all the land he owns in the wind belt and over natural gas deposits. It's called the Pickens Plan and it's got a lot of ordinarily intelligent people swooning over him. Hell during his interview on The Daily Show Jon Stewart was all but cupping his balls.

Now don't get me wrong. I'm not criticizing his energy plan. In fact, despite his self serving motivations, I think the plan is good for America. It just irritates me that we as a nation have such a short attention span that we're treating him like a god. We've forgotten that he's a colossal fucking asshat. I could write an entire book on what an insane, greedy, sociopathic, evil nutjob this guy is, (and someday I just might.) This is just a blog however so I'll focus on the thing about him that disturbs me the most.

T Boone Pickens cares more about horses than paralyzed veterans.

Are you familiar with the Swift Boat Challenge? You see during the 2004 presidential election Mr. Pickens gave the organization Swift Vets and POWs for Truth, formerly the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, $3 million. They used this money to launch a smear campaign against John Kerry that was, to put it mildly, a load of horseshit. You might be saying, "so he donated some money, you can't hold him responsible for how they spent it!" Well yes, I can. You see Mr. Pickens responded to criticism of the smear campaign by offering $1 million to anyone who could disprove even a single charge made by the Swift Vets during the 2004 campaign.

John Kerry bit, asking that the $1 million be donated to the Paralyzed Veterans of America. In response, Pickens issued a letter narrowing the original challenge to the T.V. ads released by the organization exclusively, and requiring Kerry to provide his Vietnam journal and all of his military records. Keep in mind the challenge was issued to anyone and that these requirements were altered only because it was Kerry and his people who accepted the challenge.

on June 22, 2008, a group of Vietnam veterans who previously served with and now work with Kerry accepted the challenge and sent a 12-page letter — with a 42-page attachment of military records to support their case — with which they claimed to rebut several of the accusations of the Swift boat group.
Pickens could have come clean and donated $1 million to help paralyzed veterans. Instead he tried to save face and responded "In reviewing your material, none of the information you provide speaks specifically to the issues contained in the ads and as a result, does not qualify for the $1 million."

So you know... asshat.

But the guy's not all bad. Despite his hatred of truth and paralyzed veterans he did manage to lobby for the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act (HR 503) to prohibit the slaughter of live horses intended for human consumption.

In the United States.

Because, you know, the slaughter and consumption of horses is pretty widespread here in...

Ugh. I can't even finish that sentence. Do you know anyone who has ever eaten a horse in this country? Have you ever seen it on the news? Is there some horse slaughtering/eating subculture I'm not aware of? Hell no there isn't! It's his idea of philanthropy. It's his legacy. That and a bunch of impoverished paralyzed veterans.

Seriously, fuck that guy. We can make the move to natural gas and wind energy without his crazy ass.

Oh, wait. I forgot he owns most of wind alley. :(

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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I am Aware of all Moron Traditions

I try to be nice, I really do. But sometimes people beg for it. They hire a plane to fly over my home with a banner that says in ALL CAPS - please make fun of me!! This is one of those times. The following letter appeared in the new edition of the Pitch. I apologize in advance for publishing it in its entirety.

I'm writing in regard to wannabe hipster, pseudo-clever Town Without Pity writer Scott Wilson's take on The Kansas City Star's latest round of layoffs. Is this guy on crack or is he just a toolshed?

Wilson wrote: "Anyone who calls President-elect Obama a socialist is a moron." Wow. Since Scott is clearly not the type of person to keep a dictionary, history book or anything more intellectually stimulating than Green Eggs and Ham in his house, I took the liberty of doing a Google search for the term socialism. Link after link mentions distribution of wealth — maybe Scotty wasn't listening when Obama said, "I think when you spread the wealth around, it's good for everyone."

If only morons call Obama a socialist, then what does that say about the type of people who get hired by The Pitch? Hey, Scott! Obama is a socialist, and it's painfully obvious to anyone with even a modicum of intelligence. I understand that people who make asinine statements are awarded more space in print media, but you really seemed to have jumped off the deep end.

Now that I've shown my aptitude for belittling others and writing in a juvenile manner, perhaps The Pitch will now ask me to write for them.

I've got a couple of issues with Joshua here. The first one is his inability to grasp the definition of "socialism." The second is his snotty attitude about being called a "moron" while demonstrating in painful detail that he is, indeed, a moron. Did I say I only had a couple of issues with him? That was a lie. I've got more than a couple. Joshua Lawson has succeeded in being dumb enough in his letter that I can't, off the top of my head, count the ways in which he has manifested his stupidity.

Because google and dictionaries mean something to Joshua, I'll do my best to communicate with him on his own terms. The dictionary:


1usually offensive : a mildly mentally retarded person
: a very stupid person

The google:

Socialism refers to a broad set of economic theories of social organization advocating state or collective ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods, and the creation of an egalitarian society.

Guy who defines "socialism" as the "distribution of wealth"?


Joshua Lawson hit so many high notes of idiocy, it's hard to break them all down. But let's start here... if you're going to pretend to do internet research, bring something stronger than google. And if you're going to pretend to internet research on google, at least get your terms right -- there's actually a significant difference between "distribution of wealth" and "redistribution of wealth." In fact, anyone with a modicum of familiarity with socialism would know that.

But not our dear Joshua.