Friday, January 2, 2009

I demand more Mexicans!

When our Dear Leader, Barstool Pundit, started this blog it had an obvious mandate - calling out asshats. Knowing him in real life, I never would've suspected that he would feel strained for material. And then he set the bar high with his funny pictures. Sure, everyone likes funny pictures, but that's hard work man. Hard. Work. So the Christmas season rolls around and BP is too busy fishing at the boats, BD and I are off doing family duties and no one is in the mood to make fun of asshats. There is no limit to asshattery in the world, but their is apparently a limit to our patience for describing it. Which is a nice long intro into me liberating myself from the asshat mandate and just posting whatever the hell I want. Today, it is Mexicans. I want more Mexicans in Missouri.

I'm a tolerant person, open to different cultures and not demanding that they eradicate their culutural traditions down to binge drinking days. But I want Mexicans for a selfish reason. (I say Mexicans, although Latino would be the more appropriate term, simply to counter all the disparaging talk directed at "Mexicans"). Missouri lost its bell-weather status because we don't have enough Hispanics in the voting population. Upon reading that, I decided that we needed more Mexicans. And then last week, I read in the Star that the population in WyCo is like 24% Hispanic. And for the first time in my life, I was jealous of WyCo. All those nice Mexicans across the border, why can't they love us!!?? (I know some of the answers, no need to go there today).

Demographically, Hispanics (classification I've never understood, but I'm not Mr. Census Bureau, so there you go) are going to push whitey into a minority group sometime during my lifetime. It feels a little weird, but I'm ok with it. I have little doubt the vestiges of white privilege will long outlast our majority status despite the best efforts of right minded people. Some people respond to this demographic certainty by encouraging more white baby making, or limiting non-white immigration. I think that won't work and it's not very american. I'm more of a mind to welcome and encourage our hispanic friends as the (great?)grandparents of our future overlords. Corrupt them with our liberal ways. The Republicans have given us a great opening with their xenophobia and racism. Let's take it.

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