Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Reminder: Montel Williams is a Collossal Asshat

Everybody seems to love Montel Williams. Why wouldn't you? He's a hell of a guy. He has a charitable foundation and everything. I'm telling you though, there are a couple of things about his show that drive me to drink.

Americans are relentless in their bloodthirsty pursuit of baby-daddies and Montel never tires of exploiting the indiscriminate incubators of their spawn. The younger, poorer and dumber the better. To make the cut these days you have to be a 13 year old middle school dropout with at least 3 potential fathers, one of whom is related to you.

I remember a few months back when the news reported that groups of high school girls were forming pacts with each other that they would all try to get pregnant before they graduated. It took me a while to put two and two together here. This sort of thing certainly wouldn't have happened in my day. Recently, it hit me. These girls aren't trying to get knocked up because they want babies. They're just trying to get on T.V.! Montel has created an entire subculture of wanna-be teen mothers.

Not content to exploit his guests however, Montel goes on to facilitate the fleecing of his audience by regularly featuring world renowned con artist Sylvia Browne. She gets the whole hour once a week to make up bullshit and lie to people and it's little more than an infomercial for her books and services. This bitch has a new book to promote every damn week! I'm pretty comfortable stating that people who believe psychics tend to be pretty stupid and people who are pretty stupid tend not to have much money. So for Montel to encourage this flim-flamming fraud to take what little money these people have in exchange for false hope and lies is a dick move to say the least. As long as this woman appears on his show, Montel Williams has absolutely no credibility whatsoever. I'm fairly confident he gets a portion of her sales.

It gets worse. I guess I should have seen this coming. It's the perfect storm of Montel show asshattery where Sylvia Browne tells a member of the audience that her daddy ain't her daddy.

Now that's just mean. Montel Williams have you no shame!? Do you not care how many lives you destroy in your quest for ratings?

I want Phil Donahue back.

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Stacey K said...

Glad to know I'm not the only one who thinks Montel needs to go. Wasn't he in the military? Maybe they should recall him and ship him off.

Those types of talk shows are so cruel. I once saw part of a Sally Jesse Raphael show where she was saying something about someone not wanting a kid or not being the kid's parent. She was saying "how does this make you feel?' to the kid. The kid was 5-6 years old. How the hell does she think it makes the kid feel. Montel is just as bad, if not worse. I can't watch these kinds of shows without cussing at the tv, so I don't watch them.

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